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Red Wines by the bottle

Damilano -Le cinque Vigne - Barolo (Italy)    $106
Rich, with deep flavors of black cherry a black fruit with a long, persistent finish
Barbaresco -Produtori del Barbaresco  (Italy)    $81
Powerful, with black cherry flavors and hints of pepper and spice on the long finish
Villa Poggio Salvi - Brunello di Montalcino  (Italy)  $78
Complex flavors of ripe cherry and plum fruit finishing with hints of tobacco
and dark chocolate
Bulas  -Reserva - (Portugal)  $76
Bold dark-fruit flavors, often with hints of spice, leather and violet
Villa Antinori - Chianti Classico Riserva (Italy)  $74
On the palate flavors of berries and spice while  finishing with earthy overtones
Seara D'ordens -Reserva - (Portugal )    $ 72
Portuguese blend responsible for some of the more dynamic, modern red-wine
styles to have emerged from southern Portugal over the past decade.
Il Gabbiano - Barolo- (Italy)    $70
Expect to find complex notes of strawberries, cherries, leather, white truffles,
anise, fresh and dried herbs, tobacco, violets, plum, and much more.
Il Gabbiano -  Amarone della Valpolicella  (Italy)   $69
With decadent flavors of dark fruits, coffee, and chocolate; this wine is
considered among the top wines of Italy.
Fanéro  Super Tuscan Fattoria Tregole (Italy)   $ 69
Very deep and complex fragrances with distinct notes of red fruits and spices
such as black pepper and tobacco. Light notes of plum and cherry jams.
Soft hints of vanilla.
Udaca - Tourigal Nacional  (Portugal)   $58
Full-bodied red wine from Portugal with aging potential like Cabernet Sauvignon.
This unsung grape variety is most common as a blending grape in Port wine
and has only recently been championed as a dry red wine.
Tenuta Di Arceno - Chianti Classico (Italy)  $52
Flavors of ripe plums, caramel, and cinnamon that echo
on the smooth finish
Rosa del Castagno  - Syrah - (Italy)  $50
Varietal Syrah can be quite floral in its youth, developing white and black
pepper aromas and herbaceous notes as it ages.
Brazin - Zinfandel  red - (U.S.A)  $ 46
Brooding flavors of raspberry, plum, and blackberry with a long, spicy finish
Agriverde Riseis - Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (Italy)  $42  Glass $9
Dark red dress. Concentrated nose on fresh fruit aromas. The palate is supple,
round and well structured.
Carmel road -Pinot Noir -  (U.S.A)  $42
You get juicy black cherry flavors, with hints of mocha and well-balanced tannins.
A silky texture leads to a long finish.
Villa Trecciano -Chianti -  (Italy) $ 41  Glass $9
 Fresh cherry fruit flavors, spicy notes with soft, sweet tannins and an admirable
finish are the hallmarks of this fine wine.
Carmel road -Pinot Noir -   (California)    $ 40
Intense black cherry and spice flavors that linger on the palate
Ribeiro Santo -Reserva - (Portugal)  $ 39
A lovely harmonious medium-bodied wine with pure damson and dark cherry fruits.
Seven Falls - Cabernet Sauvignon (U.S.A)   $ 38
Concentrated flavors of cassis and black currant with a long, intense finish
Drumheller - Merlot - (U.S.A)  $ 38  Glass $9
Loads of jammy, black fruit flavors on the palate and a long, rich finish
Murphy Goode - Pinot Noir (U.S.A)  $30
Delicious black cherry and dark fruits flavors with a velvety, smooth finish
Tilia - Malbec - (Argentina)    $28
 On the palate the wine is rich and full-bodied with flavors of juicy blackberries,
cranberries, and black currants abound, followed by notes of vanilla and sweet spice.
Cusumano - Nero D'avola - (Italy)    $26
Deep flavors of dark fruit with a delightful touch of spice on the finish
Qintado Gradil   (Portugal)    $26
Interesting flavors of black fruit and plum with a touch of pepper spice on the finish.

Moretti                                        $5
Bud                                              $4
Bud Lite                                      $4
Heineken  (Holland)                $4
Stella  (Belgian)                         $5
Mich Ultra                                $4
Miller Light                              $4
Sam Light                                 $4
Corona (Mexico)                     $4
Corona Light  (Mexico)          $4
Daura GF  (Spain)                   $4
St. Pauli NA (Germany)         $4
Becks     (Germany)                $5
Sagres (Portugal)                    $5

Draft Beers
Peroni                                $4
Lagunitas IPA                   $5
Kronenberg                       $5
Newburyport IPA           $5
Notch Pilsner                   $5
Coors Light                      $4
Guinness                           $4.50
Sam Seasonal                   $4
Fisherman Saison           $4
Sam Lager                         $4
Allagash White                $6
Seasonal                           $4

White Wines by the bottle

Antonori - Chardonnay - (Italy)  39
Elegant flavors of tropical fruit and citrus with a vibrant, long finish
Kendall Jackson - Chardonnay-Vintner's Reserva  (U.S.A)   38
Awesome golden apple and tropical fruit flavors with a delightful, creamy finish
Bixio - Pinot Grigio (Italy)    $36 Glass $8
The bouquet is fresh and fruity with flowery notes of jasmine and a slightly aromatic finish.
The taste is fresh and pleasant, elegant and balanced with a long and soft aftertaste.
Federico Ferrero - Chardonnay -  (Italy)    $36
Fresh wine, full-bodied, balanced. It is the ideal wine for starters and fish dishes
Chauteau Ste.Michelle -Riesling - (U.S.A.)   $30
Slightly sweet apricot and nectarine flavors upfront with a dry, persistent finish
Ca Montini -Chardonnay - (Italy)     $32
Lush, with awesome citrus and green apple flavors that linger on the palate
Tomaresca - Chardonnay - (Italy)   $30
Delicate fruit flavors of white peach and pineapple with floral notes on the finish
Via Latina - Alvarinho - (Portugal)   $30
Fruity delicate, the Alvarinho. Taste fruity and soft
Santa Cristina - Orvieto Classico - (Italy)   $29
Campogrande shows a straw yellow color, The nose is intense and delicate with
 notes of orange flowers, peaches, and apricots. The palate is soft and fresh with a
savory finish and a fruity aftertaste.
Piemonte -Cortese -  (Italy)   $28
Light in body, with pleasant citrus flavors and a crisp, clean finish
Toasted Head - Chardonnay- (California, U.S.A.)   $28  Glass $8
Granny Smith apple and citrus flavors with a toasty oak finish
Beyra -Blend - (Portugal)  $28  Glass $8
 Crisp and clean, with luscious citrus flavors and an easy finish
Casal De Seara -Vinho Verde - (Portugal)   $13
Citrine with green glances. Fruity, w/ lime, apricot and apple notes.
Light, fresh & young taste.

Rosé Wines
Dona Maria (Portugal)   $30
Fresh and tropical fruit sensations. Very fresh and fruity. Pleasant sense of
tropical fruits and strawberry. Very good acidity and persistent finish. 
Rocca Sveva (Italy)   $28 Glass $8
This delicate wine has a soft and dry flavor with lots of fruit leading to an elegant finish. 
 I Lauri Chiola Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo (Italy)  $26
Vivid, vibrant fresh cherry character, fresh and dry, finishing very clean and lifted. Raspberry,
blackberry and cherry fruit meets pleasant acidity.

Red Wines by the glass
House Red  $6
 Cabernet Sauvignon (Italy)    $ 6   
 Montepulciano D'abbruzzo (Italy)  $6.5
 Pinot Noir (Italy) $6.5                      
 Merlot (Italy)  $6.5   
 Nero D'avola (Italy)   $6
 Chianti  $6.5
Red Sangria  $8
Portuguese Premium  $9
Italian Premium $9
American Premium $9
Premium Chianti   $9

White Wines by the glass
House White $6
 Pinot Grigio $6
 Sauvignon Blank (Italy)  $6
 Chardonnay $6
 Riesling (Germany)  $7
White Sangria $8
Sparkling White $9
Portuguese Premium  $8
Italy Premium  $8
American Premium  $8
Premium Pinot Grigio   $8

Rosé Wine by the glass
Rocca Sveva -  (Veneto, Italy)   $8

Spring/Summer Cocktail List
Lemon Drop
Vodka, limoncello, Cointreau, lemon juice - $9
Strawberry Paloma
Silver tequila, strawberry purée, grapefruit soda, lime juice - $10
Espresso Martini
Espresso vodka, vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, espresso- $9
Trio Sangria
Choice of red or white  - $8
Pomegranate Mojito
Bacardi limon, muddled lemons and fresh mint, pomegranate
juice, soda water  - $10
Grand Cosmo
Mandarin vodka, grand Marnier, lime juice, splash of cranberry - $11
Watermelon Smash
Gin, basil, watermelon pucker, simple syrup, lime, tonic water - $10
Tiramisu Martini
Vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, Kahlua, baileys almond - $10
Trios Punch
Dark rum, st Germain, lime juice, simple syrup, Montenegro floater - $9
Italian Sunset
Amaretto, oj, grenadine, tonic water - $8
 Blackberry Sour
Whiskey, blackberry brandy, lemon juice, simple syrup  - $9
Spicy Pineapple Mule
Jalapeño infused tequila, pineapple juice, jalapeño simple syrup, lime juice, ginger beer -$ 11
Man of War
bourbon, Cointreau, sweet vermouth, lemon juice - $9